Yucca 'Color Guard'

Yucca filamentosa

(Needle Palm)         

Rating: 🆕

Light: ☀️

Deer resistant: yes 🦌

Moisture: well-drained soil; will tolerate dry soil

Size: 72” H x 36” W

Bloom: bell-shaped white flowers on a long stalk  in July

Garden zone: 4

Yucca filamentosa is a stemless evergreen shrub with sword-shaped, spine-tipped leaves up to 3 feet long. Panicles of flowers appear on a single, tall stalk in July. The tough, spiny leaves are pest-resistant. The cultivar 'Color Guard' has eye-catching golden yellow leaves with green margins. New in 2021.

We removed this to a decorative pot in 2023. It's placement in the garden near other plants requiring more water was not ideal. It also sustained significant winter damage each season, preventing it from establishing to a larger size.