About Us

We have resided in Central New York for more than 35 years, and became involuntary gardeners in 1988 when we bought a home and inherited some non-descript hostas in the front border and some volunteer tiger lilies along the back yard fence. We thought they looked nice. With the help of local nurseries, we added more perennial plants around the yard over time, and well…things kind of got out of control. We now have extensive perennial plant landscaping over nearly a quarter acre of property, including more than 200 plants, mostly perennials, representing more than 150 species. Over the last three decades, we learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, we learned that we wanted to spend more time enjoying the garden, and less time tending it. We have, however, kept meticulous records about our garden, and that trove of information inspired the creation of this site. (We blame our training as educators for that.) After all these years, we still have the non-descript hostas and the tiger lilies in the yard, and so much more to enjoy.

We wish you good gardening!

Questions? Comments?

Contact us at cnygardening@gmail.com