Hydrangea paniculata

(Panicle Hydrangea)

Rating: 🌻🌻🌻

Light: ☀️⛅

Deer resistant: no

Moisture: not fussy

Size: 8-15' H x 6-12' W

Bloom: Showy mop-head panicles of flowers bloom at the ends of new growth in August.

Garden zone: 3

Hydrangea is a vigorous, cold-hardy, fast-growing perennial shrub that features showy "mop-head" panicles of flowers in late summer into early fall. It bllooms on new growth, so pruning should occur in late winter or early spring to maintain compact shape. 'Limelight' is a large (up to 8' H x 8' W) variety with lime-green blooms that fade to pinkish cream over time. 'Bobo' is a sturdy dwarf variety (up to 3' H x 4' W) with white flowers. Our sample of 'Bobo' has already exceeded those dimensions in a couple of years...it is a 'large' dwarf! 'Vanilla Strawberry' is a large (up to 6' x 6') variety that sports blooms that start out pale green, changing to cream and then pink. All hydrangeas tolerate pruning well to maintain size an compactness.