(False Goat's Beard, False Spirea)

Light: ⛅☁️

Deer resistant: yes 🦌

Moisture: needs continuously moist soil

Size: 8-40” H x 12-24” W

Garden zone: 4

Astilbe are a very large group of perennials with basal cut-leaf, toothed foliage above which colorful, feathery plumes of flowers emerge on short stalks. Astilbe, along with Hosta, are the cornerstones of shade gardens. Astilbe need consistently moist soil, or they will curl, crisp, and wither. We do grow Astilbe under trees, but sites with tree root competition will require monitoring for adequate soil moisture. Astilbe vary from small to very large and sport a variety of colors. Some of our favorites are listed below:

Giant Astilbe

Large Astilbe

Medium Astilbe

Small Astilbe