Aralia cordata 'Sun King' ❤️

(Japanese Spikenard)

Rating: 🌻🌻 🌻🌻 🌻

Light: ⛅

Deer resistant: no

Moisture: not fussy

Size: 42” H x 36” W

Bloom: spikes of white flowers in late summer

Garden zone: 3

Aralia ‘Sun King’ forms large clumps of stunning chartreuse yellow compound leaf foliage. While an attractive foliage plant on its own, ‘Sun King’ also produces white flower spikes in late summer that form dark purple berries. This plant will take a few years to fully establish, but mature specimens can grow quite large. Ours has grown by leaps and bounds in 3 years. It needs a little sun each day to keep its wonderful yellow coloration. ‘Sun King’ makes an excellent bright yellow accent plant at the back of the shade border.