Alchemilla mollis

(Lady's Mantle)

Rating: 🌻🌻🌻

Light: ☀️⛅

Deer resistant: yes 🦌

Moisture: not fussy

Size: 18” H x 24” W

Bloom: Sprays of small, chartreuse, star-shaped flowers on thin stalks.

Garden zone: 3

Alchemilla forms low mounds of basal foliage with distinctive toothed, pleated, round leaves. The foliage alone makes it a showy front-of-the-border plant. Rain will bead up and collect on leaves, an eye-catching effect. In June, sprays of small chartreuse flowers emerge on wiry stalks above the basal foliage. Alchemilla has a reputation for self-sowing, but it has never been problematic in our garden.